Dry Oil

Every Time


Water contamination in oil systems can be just as harmful as solid particles and is often overlooked as a primary cause of component failure.

The Desorber is highly efficient at removing water from oil and works equally well removing free, emulsified, or dissolved water from oil systems.

Common Desorber Applications:

  • Gearboxes
  • Hydraulic Systems and HPUs
  • Bearings (oil bath or pressure fed)
  • Paper Machines
  • Oil Reclamation
  • Presses
  • Engine Oil
  • Marine Thrusters & Stern Tubes

Desorber Benefits

  • Removes water from emulsified oil
  • Extends oil and component lifetime
  • Prevents uncontrolled shut downs
  • Reduces Maintenance costs
  • Easy to connect and operate
  • Available in Multiple Sizes